Yesterday I edited the resources page a touch (so much more to do there). Today I typed up my notes on The Five O'Clock Shadow. But right now I'm running late for an appointment, so that's all you get of me for now.

So yesterday I found a new site which throws a (happy) spanner into the order of everything. I was previously going by Clive Banks' order of all Whoniverse stories, but I found Andrew Kearley's list at eyespider.org.uk which has comic strips and annuals as well! (Which Clive Banks does not). I have rejigged the order of the adventures already and next time will adjust my index. But for now, I am late for work...

Another story done. This one I read yesterday and blogged today. Probably will be the same timeframe for the next story, as it is the same length.

Next 2 stories down. Both are only a short stories and I had time today.

Also decided to set up a page to follow a multi-Doctor story arc. I might do it with other multi-Doctor story arcs; we shall see...

Finally added my first adventure post today. The Beginning. A fitting title.

Listened to the story today too. I have had a real hankering for Doctor Who recently, so I am glad I'm starting to sate that need. Hopefully I can find the time to keep going.

I found some old notes on my phone from when I was only dreaming that I would make this website with more ideas what information I want to pull out from each Doctor Who story which I have now added to the template.

I feel that perhaps I should make myself a form to fill out whilst I am engaging with each adventure. hmmmm

Yay! New header image which matches the colour scheme I am going for a little better.

Also worked on the Crafty Creations home page. I think I've figured out how I want navigation to go which makes me happy. Next to start adding blog posts about my crafty creations.

Happy to be chipping away at this project a little everyday.

The Crafty Creations section of my site has started to take shape. Thanks to Almost Sweet for the layout.

Also pulled together a sort of contents page for the Whoniverse adventure here.

Still not sure about the banner image and tying together the site colours. I guess this will come with time and I shouldn't stress.. aha.

Yay! My .css skills are now functional enough that style information doesn't need to exist on each page!

In non-html learning news, I have pulled together a rough template as to how I will be sharing my journey through space and time.

Next steps are to:

  • Finalise the asthetic of the website...
  • Including a banner image which helps to represent the adventure
  • Set up the Crafty Creations side of the site
  • Read the first book on my list!!!

I learnt about the span funtion in html and now my text formatting issues have been fixed. Woohoo!

If anyone else is struggling with this, I picked up my knowledge from Mozilla here.

Index, Credits and Log pages are up. I'm working my way through altering a template by Sadness; so far I've altered the background and played around with the text. Having trouble working through how to ensure the text formatting is exactly how I want it..

Need to figure out what to replace the header image with, and determine my website colours. But also need to remember that it doesn't have to be perfect from the start. I am starting this project with very minimal html knowledge, and no css knowledge. I already know more than I did yesterday and that's pretty amazing!

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