Adventure Title

Media type | Author/s, Director/s, Producer/s | year released

If I have come across a free source for consuming this adventure, I will list/link it here

Content Warning/s

Listing any potential triggering content types to the best of my ability

First Thoughts

My first thoughts of the adventure, delivered with no or minimal spoilers. There won't be any plot summaries as TARDIS Wiki and many other reviews have this already.


I'll pinpoint as best I can when the adventure took place, and for how long.


Describing the location/s of the adventure with minimal or maximum words depending on the location and the day I write this.

Notable Quotes

Any quotes which I particularly enjoyed; serious, stupid or funny.

Gadgets & Habadashery

Space to list or discuss any or all gadgets, toys or miscellany, or clothing choices made by the Doctor which seem worth noting, even if only for the chaotic nature of their choices.

Accurate or Anachronistic?

Space to compliment or whinge about design choices. Mainly a section for adventures shown on visual mediums.

Death Count

Inspired by the List of Deaths Wiki, I am attempting my own death tracking and then compare my notes with the Wiki. Total number listed in the sidebar (as accurate as possible), with here a more thorough breakdown.

Additionaly here I may address how the characters reacted/dealt with the death and grief.

Energy Alignment

We shall see how this goes, but the idea is to align the Doctor's energy in an adventure on an energy alignment chart. Completely as per my own views.

Adventuring Mentions

A section often called Continuity, I will make note of any other adventures mentioned which is not in relation to the direct adventures beforehand. I.e. when the Doctor mentions they have met a famous individual. If I have also explored the adventure when the Doctor has this encounter, I will link it.

I don't like the word continuity to describe this section because I think that continuity refers to how the story fits inbetween the stories before and after, i.e. with follow-through story elements. For example, if a character is unwell, then the next adventure they are still unwell or recovering.


Especially in the classic television series, there are a lot of screams. It will be amusing (and eye-opening) to collect stats on screams; how many in a story, who is screaming, etc.

Litmus Tests

The Bechtel and Race Bechtel tests are not indicitive of whether the media is good or bad, but it would be interesting none the less to test each adventure.

For my and your reference:

  1. Are there two or more named women/people of colour,
  2. who talk to each other,
  3. about something other than a man/white person?

Other Stats

Still brainstorming what information I may collected, but perhaps:

  • ratio of speaking parts for each gender present in the adventure
  • number of characters of colour
  • number of characters with a disability

Social Issue Focus

Generally, Doctor Who stories end up being social commentary on whatever is happening at the time of writing and production. Here I hope to encapsulate the focus and point out what was going on around the time of writing. The special features of Classic Who boxsets will come in handy here.

And the moral of the story is...

As all good stories do, there generally exists a crux to the adventures which serves to teach or remind us of our morals and ethics. I'll pull out as much as I can from my perspective.

Thoughts & Collections

Space to list and link other's reviews, discussions, the synopsis, offical links, photo collections, trailers, etc. Anything I think might be worth exploring or an opportunity for me to archive sources/inspiration.


Collecting art in various mediums relating to the adventure by myself or others (mostly others) which I believe need to be more widely seen. I'll link as best I can to the artist, but will always list a credit. I will also do my best to write or find an image description also.

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