Susan - 2

Nyssa's Adventures

First Doctor

Lockdown07 | One Virtue, and a Thousand Crimes

Adventures In Lockdown story #7 | BBC Books | 2020 | Covid-19 Lockdown Short Stories

The Corsair completes a mission, for her client, the Doctor.

BFST03-01 | The Exiles

Short Trips: A Universe of Terrors story #1 | Big Finish Books | 2003

Susan and the Doctor run away from Gallifrey in a TARDIS. Susan explores the TARDIS.

CC0805 | The Beginning

The Companion Chronicles Series 8 Episode 5 | Big Finish Audio | 2013 | 50th Anniversary collection

Susan and the Doctor go on their first adventure. They meet Quadrigger Stoyn and the Archaeons, and inadvertently create humanity.

TEL11 | Frayed

Telos Doctor Who Novellas | 2003

The Doctor and Susan land on Iwa, get seperated, and fall into a conflict between humans and foxes.

BFST13 | The Five O'Clock Shadow

Short Trips: A Day In The Life story #4 | Big Finish Books | 2005

The Doctor battles his repressed subconsious.

TEL01 | Time and Relative

Telos Doctor Who Novellas | 2001 | released on 38th anniversary

Excerpt from Susan's diary whilst she's at Coal Hill School during an unusually cold few days.

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