~ listing SOME of the plethora of resources i come across for navigating the whoniverse ~

Eye Spider - all Whoniverse content with the Doctor in an attempted chronological order. There also exists some non-Doctor content listed seperately, but not as much. There exists an accompanying Facebook page which can be found through the site.

Clive Banks - all Whoniverse books, audio books/productions, televised serials and some less formally published material in an attempted chronological order. Originally the inspiration for my adventuring order.

The Cloister Library - a review of all Doctor Who books.

List of Deaths wiki (Doctor Who edition) - listing all deaths in most of the stories inspiring me in my information collection on my journey.

The Lychee Zone - an exploration and review of Doctor Who audios, especially of the eighth doctor.



Jon Pertwee - the wilderness years doctor - tribute with youtube links to potentially canon advertisments from the 1990s.

In-Universe Links

Who is Doctor Who - first seen DWS01E01 (Rose)

UNIT - first seen DWS01E0 ()

Cybus Industries - first seen DWS02E06 (The Age of Steel)

GEOCOMTEX - first seen DWS01E06 (Dalek)


Temporal Intervention Doctor Who Compendium (doctors 1 thru 10).