The Five O'Clock Shadow

Poemin Short Trips: A Day In The Life | Nev Fountain | 2005

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Content Warning/s

Unreality (within the whoniverse)

First Thoughts

I read this poem aloud to my partner. We both enjoyed it immensely.





Notable Quotes

"was it true, or had he just taught her to think of herself as his granddaughter?"

"I am grief deffered, hidden from healing, sadness squirrelled, screwed tight down. The ugly struggling, squealing feelings that we try to smother, try to drown. The chained and manacled melancholly, the days kept aside for a rain-soaked brolly."

Gadgets & Habadashery

nothing worth noting.

Accurate or Anachronistic?

This is happening in the Doctor's head, so nothing worth noting.

Death Count


Energy Alignment

The Doctor is 5 steps ahead, but also repressing so much.

Adventuring Mentions

Is this shadow a manifestation of the later Dreamlord? (DWS05E07)

Well... it's all the Doctor, so I guess! All one and the same.



Litmus Tests

The Bechtel and Race Bechtel tests don't pass.

Social Issue Focus

hard to ascertain.

And the moral of the story is...

If you repress all the big bads, it'll bite you in the arse.

Thoughts & Collections

Nothing me.


Nothing me.

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