scrappy reversible octopus

I received a bag of someone else's scraps from my Buy Nothing group, and in amongst them was a minky-like fabric. I recently patched up a friend's reversible octopus, made in a minky-like substance and made my own pattern with it. It seemed simple enough, and now I had the nice, soft material to do it!

Two circles of almost teardrop-shaped material. The first circle is of a mixture of light coloured patterns. The second circle is of the same material; a deep blue with bright colours running through it.

The material was scraps and not big enough to accomodate the big pattern, so I altered my pattern so each tentacle was individually sewn. It was a little complicated to put together, but mainly because the material was a bit slippery at times.

A deep blue plush octopus with multiple colours in many different shapes in the blue; almost jungle-like. The octopus has a happy face. A plush octopus compiled of differing patterned fabrics with a sad face sewn on.

I'm quite happy with how it turned out! I gifted it to my sibling-in-law. They enjoy it immensely, even if it was never the type of gift they would have expected.

A close up of fabric that resembles bus seat patterns; abstract, with circles and smudges, lines and dots. This particular pattern is quite pink and blue with some other colours mixed in.

My favourite pattern from all the scraps!

I hope I shall remember to upload my pattern one day.

12 April 2023

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