patchwork cooler bags

Got someone else's fabric scraps from my Buy Nothing group. Some of were made into an octopus, and there's still a lot of scraps to work through, but inspiration struck to make a cooler/shopping bag of my own!

Unlike a lot of my (future) projects, these cooler bags are not made of natural fibres. The scraps I'm using actually have some sort of plastic iron-on coating, probably waterproofing.

Here are some progress pictures.

Colourful pieces of material cut into small triangles, laid out, on eachother in rows, in colour groups Patchworked squares of different, vibrant colours, laying ontop of each other on the edge of an ironing board. A large rectangle of patched material, of squares, triangles and rectangles.

Alas I am required to put away the sewing machine for the time being, but I hope to work on this project again soon.

Next steps will be to process lining, which I intend to make with chip packets, so processing involves opening, cleaning and then ironing/fusing together to make the required pattern pieces. I also need to source myself an interlining, which needs to be thick enough to work as an effecive insulation layer. And then I need to figure out how I will be making the handles/straps before I can even think about piecing it all together. I'm even wondering if I should attempt to quilt the outer layer and interlining, just to add an extra challenge; we shall see what happens.

I'm not following any sourced pattern, I instead measured an existing cooler bag. I'll make an effort to upload the measurements when I have them on hand.

Overall this project so far has been quite fun, even if the constant ironing can be draining, but the effect of the patched pieces is quite beautiful, even if I did get some weird looking material patterns in this collection of scraps!

10 April 2023

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