kitty cat

Another gift to another baby, made quite a few months prior to this update. This baby has cat siblings, so I thought I would give them an opportunity to get excited to play with them when they are a bit older!

The material I used was the same as the baby dragon I made around the same time.

Fabric cat looking down the camera. The material is a brown/orange marbled pattern. Side view of the same plush cat. The plush's front legs are in front, and back legs spread out back, so the plush is laying on it's stomach. The back feet are made with a beige material. It's tail is up in the air. Same plush cat as above. This time the stomach is visible as the cat is somewhat on it's back. The cat looks playful.

It's head is a little wobbly, but I think it turned out real nice and professional looking overall. Here's hoping it's well loved!

Pattern is an amalgamation of Choly Knight's Wolf Plush for the body and Neko Atsume Plush for the head, and both are available for free! I made the pattern for the tail based on the proportions of the wolf's tail.

15 April 2023

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