granny square heirloom blanket

A big crochet project, which, when motivated I could complete one square a day! For a week or so I was completing one square a day, it felt good to accoplish so quickly a pile of crochet, but alas my motivation fluctuates for which project has my full attention.

A collection of 14 crocheted granny squares laid flat, crocheted in a gray cotton yarn. Each square is a different pattern with some flat and some 3-d. There are some complex patterns, some simple patterns, and about a third of the patterns are flowers.

This is what I have completed so far. Looks pretty amazing already.

Patterns I am completing are every single square in Granny Square Flair by Shelley Husband and making the suggested project of the heirloom blanket. But I feel that the suggested size is too small, so in true to my character fashion, I am increasing my expectations of myself and making my project bigger. The final result shall be spectacular however!

I hadn't really consistently crocheted before starting this project, at least not in a way which I would call myself competent, but now crochet instructions don't scare me and I understand them a lot better. Thanks Shelley!

15 April 2023



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